Saturday, April 13, 2013

the nightmare in the IT backroom

The switch from the application team to infrastructure team has been quite seamless, and by seamless, I mean, my work for both sides still function just like any other day, and no impact is felt for everyone except maybe for the infra boss. Almost everyday has been spent revealing secrets and presents hidden all over the network. :P

Treasure hunting could be a competency by itself.

When I first started out in the application team, my first 2 months in every project given to me were treasure island expeditions. I will say that it's no different at the infrastructure team. Which team has it easier? The level of difficulty is the same to me, both are average, not too difficult, not easy as well.

If we look back at the OSI layers, I am just so thankful that layers 1 and 2 are done extremely well. I visited the data centre, checked the cables, switches, patch panels, racks, everything was labelled well, design was systematic, and tracing of the network is really a breeze. Whoever was in charge of it, I am quite sure doesn't exist in our team now. LOL.

I can't say the same for layers 3 to 7. That's where our nightmares are created.

We have strange relationships in the network:
- Configurations for standalone networks are correct at one end, but ended up rout-able at another end.
- Managed-networks with legs in un-managed networks.
- Un-managed servers with legs in managed-networks.
- Bypass-able firewalls because of above 3 points :P

So far, I haven't encountered any blackhole where I feel totally incompetent and unable to understand. Common sense has been the order of the day. Google rocks too.